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Thank you to everyone who attended our final workshop on June 1st, as well as those who attended all previous workshops.

Johns Creek seeks community input on the draft version of its 2017 Comprehensive Plan, please review the press release from the City below:

June 07, 2017

The City of Johns CreComp Planek has released a draft version of its Comprehensive Plan update.  The purpose of the plan is to review and update the City’s 2008 Comprehensive Plan.  The plan seeks to preserve residential neighborhoods and manage future development growth.


The draft Comprehensive Plan update was developed through two public planning workshops held last fall and a three-day workshop held in January of this year. In addition,  a 25-person Citizen Advisory Committee comprised of residents and three City council members was appointed in September 2016 by the Mayor and City Council and held ten planning meetings to establish goals, policies, changes to the Character Areas and the Future Land Use Map. City staff from the Community Development and Public Works departments worked with planning and transportation consultants, TSW and Pond Associates, over an eight month period to gather in citizen input and draft the Plan.

The updated plan outlines five new goals that focus on:

1)    Creating a city-wide multi-modal sustainable transportation network that reduces traffic congestion, increases intra-city mobility, and includes complete streets, cart, bike and pedestrian pathways that connect neighborhoods to schools, parks, shopping centers, and institutional destinations;
2)    Creating an identity for the city that guides future development while preserving its residential neighborhoods and exceptional quality of life;
3)    Expanding the city’s economic base to retain and attract high tech industries while protecting residential home values;
4)    Providing superior recreational and cultural activities throughout the city, and
5)    Developing tools to implement the goals, including developing a Unified Development Code with architectural and site design standards.

In an effort to preserve the residential character of the community and reduce future residential development and density, the plan focuses on lowering densities in residential areas and creating neighborhood villages in key locations within the City.

The updated plan creates a parcel specific Land Use Map and provides specific density, height and use restrictions for all parcels in the City. The Land Use Map identifies sections of the Technology Park Area, Newtown Area, Ocee Area and Jones Bridge Road at State Bridge area as potential neighborhood villages in established commercial areas in the City that should be further studied to permit redevelopment and a possible mix of retail, office and contextually appropriate residential development.

With respect to transportation, the plan identifies and prioritizes future road projects and new sidewalks and trailways that will connect residential neighborhoods to schools, shopping, libraries and parks.

The citizens of Johns Creek will have ample opportunity to review the draft plan and provide comments throughout June and July. Additionally, a public hearing will be conducted prior to the draft being sent to the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) for their review this summer. The ARC’s review typically takes 90 days. A final draft will then be issued this fall for another review by the public before going before the Mayor and City Council for review and approval.


Review the DRAFT Comprehensive Plan by clicking here. (Note: the recommendations section of the plan begins on page 105)

Please respond to the document by clicking here. Include page numbers with your comments. Thank you!

CONNECT JOHNS CREEK is the update to the City’s Comprehensive Plan. This is a long term visioning and planning process intended to create an exceptional future for the City that is:

  • More connected
  • Easy to traverse
  • Economically competitive
  • Designed with its people in mind


Below is a diagram of the planning process. We are currently in the “Draft Plan” phase. Please comment below if you have any questions.


PUBLIC INPUT Visit this page for upcoming public meeting dates

PROJECT BLOG Please read summaries of all meetings


Materials from Planning Workshop #4



March CAC Meeting Presentation:


Please review the presentation from the Three Day Planning Workshop below:


From 2016:





For additional information about Johns Creek, please visit their WEBSITE

Please send all inquires and questions to

12 thoughts on “WELCOME!

  1. Pls contact me about any further questions you have on my survey inputs.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Bill! Thank you for taking our survey! We would love to meet you at our planning workshop January 24th-26th. Please feel free to stop by with friends and neighbors. Our schedule for this event will be posted this week. Thank you, Laura


  3. I did not see a link to take the survey.


  4. The survey seems structured to drive to a foregone conclusion: higher density, multi-purpose development, and further urbanization. Several questions are written in a manner that suggests the desired response. As an early example in the survey, the question “A Town Center development will be successful if it is built at an appropriate scale.” implies that a Town Center is imminent.

    A further question asks, “Workforce housing gives people who work essential services within the city (police officers, firemen, teachers, medical personnel, etc) the ability to live closer to where they work. Would you be supportive of an initiative to create more workforce housing in Johns Creek?”. What is not asked is whether the respondent would be willing to see the overall property values in the city decline as a result.

    Another example is the question, “Creating a diverse business community is key to improving economic development in Johns Creek. What types of businesses would you like to see more, the same, or less?”. The question implies that a diverse business community and economic development should be explicit goals of the city. Why is that more important than providing for a safe, residential community with room to enjoy nature and the outdoors?

    Certain questions are posed to lead the respondent to a desired answer, for example, “Facilities that support higher education (i.e. satellite campuses, education centers) are becoming a focus in cities that wish to increase their economic competitiveness by offering courses and degree programs that will lead to higher paying jobs. Would you like to see a higher education center in Johns Creek that would provide courses from Metro Atlanta universities and/or universities from across the United States?”

    Finally, the sections asking for physical design and visual design preferences have added an option to select “None” (I don’t recall this as a choice when I took the survey a few months ago). Given the design of the web pages, the option to select “None” is easily overlooked.

    In summary, the design of this survey certainly feels as if it was purposely written to provide the “justifications” to suggest that the community supports the continued urbanization and unfettered and ever higher density development that is ruining the character of Johns Creek.


    • Hi Ed,
      Thank you for your interest in the project. We have made some adjustments to the survey per community input, which is why you see the “none” option added. We are working closely with our citizen advisory committee and public to get the best feedback and direction for the project. We would love for you to join us at our next public meeting and to come speak with us directly about your ideas for the future of Johns Creek which will be April 20th (more specifics to come). Feel free to email me at if you would like to talk further.


  5. The survey is excellent! It encompasses everything that our community is about. Thank you!


    • Hi Courtney,
      Thank you for interested in the Comp Plan! We appreciate you completing the survey and giving us feedback about the future of Johns Creek. Please continue to follow the website and come visit us in person at our next public meeting April 20th (more specifics to follow). We will post all meeting notices online and in various outlets throughout the City.


  6. City shall resolve the traffic jam at state bridge and medlock bridge road during morning and late afternoon rush hour by building a overhead bridge or underground tunnel.


    • Hi Bob,
      Thank you for your suggestions and visiting the website. Please take our survey if you haven’t already. I will forward this to the rest of the Project Team.


  7. the survey is very good thankyou for reopened it


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